Bluff Point is situated on the historic Woolnorth grazing property on the north-west tip of Tasmania. The wind farm operates in some of the cleanest air in the world, according to the nearby Cape Grim monitoring station.

The wind farm was constructed and commissioned in two stages over the period 2002 to 2004.

There are 37 Vestas V66 wind turbines at the site giving a total installed capacity of 64.75 MW. The turbines are mounted on top of towers that are 60m high with blades that are 32m long.

Over a 12 month period Bluff Point produces approximately 2 percent of Tasmania’s electrical energy needs.

At this stage, there is no public access to either Bluff Point or Studland Bay Wind Farms.

Both wind farms are located atop the cliffs on the picturesque western coast of Tasmania taking advantage of the Roaring 40s winds.

A Visitors Centre is provided for the exclusive use of Woolnorth Tours who conduct year round tours of the Wind Farms and adjoining historic Woolnorth dairy property.

Details of the tours can be found on their website www.woolnorthtours.com.au.